Part 5

From that day onwards, you visit every day. You bring me food and sweets. Your hands are soft when they touch mine, and they take me to places I’ve never been in. We talk about the world and how things are. You don’t ask me questions about what happened, I think you know at least something. Maybe the nurse told you. I don’t care either way, I’m happy you’re by my side.


July 17th is a warm day. We run out together. I have decided I’m ok and we escape. We run, smiling and laughing. I keep imagining the fat nurse’s face when she finds my empty bed. By the time she does, we’ll have escaped and our plan has worked perfectly.

The escape car waits outside. It’s yours, you’re already 18, it’s more expensive than I can ever afford. I sit on the passenger’s seat, and you drive us to the beach. The sun is setting. It’s the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen.

This is the important moment. This is the moment that changes everything from that point onwards. You look into my eyes, I can feel myself blushing. I say I have to tell you something. You say what is it. I tell you I think I’m in love with you. You look into my eyes, seriously. You unfasten your seat belt and sit back, staring into the sunset. I’m scared, I can’t move, what’s going to happen? Did I ruin it? I start touching my hair like I do when I’m nervous and your high heels make a sound when you turn towards me. I’m wearing my shorts and a tank top.

Then it happens. You take my head between your soft hands, and you lean in. I can’t believe my luck has changed. My heart is pounding and I can barely breathe from anxiety and happiness at the same time. You grab me by my hips and pull me towards you. We kiss, your lips taste of watermelon and I’m thinking how I haven’t showered in days. But my hair’s grown back, and I’m not as skinny anymore, and you pull me to the backseat. I simply can’t believe what’s going on when you take off my shirt and start taking off my bra. I’m crying, we keep making out, and your hands are everywhere.

This is where I belong, I think and take of your shirt and bra, you’re skinny but in a different way than I am, you look healthy and your collar bones are beautifully sticking out of your flesh.

You whisper in my ear and from that moment onwards, we’re one.


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