Part 4

This is the day everything changes. I’m lying on the hospital bed, small and weak, nurses coming and going, checking on me, my blood, my fluid levels. I hear them murmuring they’re surprised I’m not dead. One of them keeps hiding the needles and I don’t understand why. I see them talking in the hallway, the fat one looks at me through the door that’s ajar, and looks at someone I can’t see.

The door opens and in walks the sunshine. It’s you. Your radiance enlightens me, and I almost cry out of happiness.

You ask me how I am and I’m not sure how to answer. How am I? I nod and you smile. I ask why you’re here, with all the courage I have in the world, I get it uttered out. You tell me you were worried about me after seeing what happened.

I don’t know what happened, I say and you look surprised. You called me, I continue, your eyebrows move down a notch. You tell me you didn’t call me, but I insist. You ask to show my phone but I don’t have it anymore. I lost it somewhere, possibly in the lake. You show me yours and there’s no record of the call. I think you deleted it.

We talk for a long time. I am suddenly feeling filled with joy, such immense joy, I’ve never felt like such in my life. Sun’s starting to set, the last rays of light filtering through the murky window, you glance outside and it’s summer, the most beautiful time of the year, you start to get up and I ask you to stay. You look at me again, with tenderness in your eyes, and explain you’ll visit again. Your shadow leaves the room but your spirit stays. I breathe in the warm summer air that flows in through the open window and smile. The fat nurse looks at me through the crack in the door again.


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